Knowing The Signs of Plumbing TroubleKnowing The Signs of Plumbing Trouble

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Knowing The Signs of Plumbing Trouble

After my house started to smell bad, I assumed that the scent was wafting from my teenager's room. Unfortunately, a careful inspection of the problem didn't turn up any results, so I knew I had a real problem on my hands. I asked a friend to come over to help me to find the source of the smell, and they immediately mentioned the smell of sewer gas. I realized that I needed to work with a professional plumber to get things resolved. I called out an expert, and they talked with me about the common signs of plumbing problems. Check out this blog to learn more yourself.


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Worried About Old Plumbing And Water Appliances In Your Century Old Home? What To Change Fast

If you are purchasing a very old home that hasn't been lived in for years and the plumbing throughout the house worries you, there are some changes you want to make. Set a budget and see what you can afford to change right away. You can get an estimate from a plumber to see what the cost will be for new plumbing, a new sump pump to keep the basement dry, and a new hot water heater. Consider the following things to eliminate plumbing worries.

Use PVC Piping

Old piping can have galvanization, hard water problems and more. When you go to replace the plumbing throughout the house, tell the plumber that you would like to use PVC piping wherever possible to save money. This piping is resistant to corrosion, it is lightweight, it's easy to install, and it's going to be a great long term plumbing solution for your home.

Replace the Sump Pump

An old sump pump can leave you with a flooded basement. If the sump pump was installed decades ago, there could be problems with the overflow lines around the house. Have the plumber check all the lines and see if there needs to be a new irrigation pipe, and install a top of the line unit so you don't have to worry about water problems down the road. Make sure your unit has an alternative power backup, so it runs when the power is off.

Get a New Water Heater  

You don't want your hot water heater to be the reason for your first homeowner's insurance claim, because of water leaks or a gas hazard. Replacing the old unit with a new efficient model, or even upgrading to a tankless water heater, will help you save money on your utility costs each month. You'll get the hot water you need, without worrying about high energy bills or problems from an old tank.

These are just a few of the ways you can prevent plumbing problems when you have a house with old pipes and old water appliances. The plumbing professional can also check your sewage system or your septic lines to make sure there aren't any damages that have occurred because of tree roots or other natural causes over time. If you worry that the pipes in your old home are a potential disaster, improve the property value of your home and make these changes right away.